Mantle - Liquid Chalk Colophony free 150 ml


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MANTLE Climbing

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MANTLE - LIQUID CHALK Colophony free


The liquid alternative to the chalk powder. For everyone who wants optimal friction but also wants to relinquish from dust in the air and in their pockets. Our Liquid Chalk without colophony dries within seconds, provides perfect friction and is fairly long lasting when the bottle is closed. Colophony is a substance extracted from tree resin which sticks well but damages plastic holds and especially the rock. 

Once the holds and the rock are soiled with chalk which contains colophony you can no longer clean them properly. The result is that the speed and intensity of wearing down the rock will increase and the longevity of the rock quality will be reduced. Contains 150 ml

  • Contains 150 ml
  • Weight 0.210 kg
  • Dimensions 17 x 3.5 x 5 cm


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