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$166.95 $126.92
The Climbing Technology Evo G via ferrata kit is simple economico but at the same time effective and robust.

$71.22 $62.67
Lime M SET, classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio and mixed and versatile composition, ideal for exposed climbing.

$75.27 $66.24
The Berry W carabiners are compact built in hot forged light alloy with wire gate, designed for sport climbing and long routes.

$66.59 $49.99
Lightweight and versatile adjustable harness, developed for mountaineering, ice climbing and sport climbing. Redesigned in 2018 to ensure better load distribution and excellent comfort of use in suspension

$66.59 $49.87
Lightweight and versatile harness, developed for mountaineering, ice climbing and sport climbing and optimized for the female anatomy.

$54.04 $36.38
The Climbing Technology Explorer Harness is fully adjustable, lightweight, sturdy and easy to put on. Developed for use in via ferrata, adventure parks and rock courses.

$44.39 $36.15
The Discovery harness is fully adjustable, developed for use in adventure parks, rock courses and via ferratas.

$57.90 $48.36
Light and resistant harness, developed for sport climbing.

$57.90 $43.77
The Climbing Technology Ascent harness is adjustable and versatile, developed for mountaineering and ice climbing.

$61.76 $54.35
The Climbing Technology Tami harness is super light and designed for high altitude, expeditions, ski mountaineering and mountaineering, developed in collaboration with Tamara Lunger.
Showing 1 - 10 of 123 items
Climbing Technology

Climbing Technology, 30 years of experience in the production of accessories for Mountaineering and Climbing.

Designs and manufactures innovative devices for climbing and mountaineering

30 years of experience have made Climbing Technology a company capable of perceiving market demands and translating them into innovative products for mountaineering, sport climbing and work safety at height .

The Climbing Technology products are a concrete example of Italian experience in the design and production of high quality Personal Protective Equipment , designed for use in all vertical disciplines: in the mountains (mountaineering and sport climbing), in the professional field (work at height , rope access, rescue) and recreation (via ferratas and adventure parks). The specialized diversification and the constant search for innovative materials and new transformation techniques are essential for the achievement of new goals: they allow the creation of devices that meet the most advanced technical and sporting needs.

Three objectives: safety, functionality and simplicity. These objectives cannot be separated from European technical standards, Community directives, product certifications and quality management systems. We know that, to excel, we must go further, stimulating and directing the whole team of people who, inside and outside the company, collaborate in the construction and distribution of our devices.

Climbing Technology is synonymous with quality, organization, advanced know-how, continuous research, long experience on the product.

  • A vast quantity of excellent articles of Italian production: designed, developed, tested, manufactured and distributed all over the world.
  • Over 20 international patents , many of which are still active and recognized worldwide, which have helped to raise safety standards and have become examples of excellence and technical reference in the world .
  • Over 6000 m² of modern production and logistics area located in the province of Bergamo, a geographical area with a strong and recognized mountaineering tradition.