FIXE Roca - FANATIC NATURE 8,4mm, half rope


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FIXE - Fanatic Nature 8,4mm 

This is the perfect rope for classic climbing.

With its classic fabrication and NATURE style, along with its weight/diameter ratio, the fanatic offers high performance ideal for classic climbing as well as routes with winding paths.


  • Diameter: 8,4 mm
  • Weight: 46g/m - Grams per metre of rope. The lower the weight, the more manageable the rope will be. In contrast, heavier ropes tend to be more resistant.
  • Standard CEN: EN892
  • Standard UIAA: 101
  • Type of Rope: Half
  • Type of Sheath: Classic
  • Treatment: Nature
  • Middle mark: yes - Mark that indicates the halfway point of the rope. Increases safety and lets you know the point of the rope to be used for rappelling.
  • Sheath Percentage: 35,0% - Percentage of the mass of the sheath compared to the total mass of the rope. In other words, the higher the rope’s sheath percentage, the higher its resistance to abrasion. However, the core will be smaller, and so the number of falls will be lower.
  • Static Elongation : 7,2% - Elongation of a rope is calculated with an 80-kg weight hanging from it. Elongation cannot exceed 10% in single and twin ropes, and 12% in half ropes. The higher the elongation value, the lower the impact the climber will experience.
  • Number of Falls: 8 - According to the regulations, the rope must withstand a given number of falls at a determined frequency and impact force. This is calculated for Factor 2 falls. Ropes with the highest number of Factor 2 falls will be safer and stronger. If you exceed the number of falls, this does not necessarily mean that the rope will break, but rather that it will lose its shock absorption properties.
  • Impact of Force: 5,7kN - Impact force. Impact or jerk experienced by the climber at the end of the fall. The lower this value, the lesser the impact of a fall will be. To certify the rope, the Impact Force is calculated for Factor 2 falls.
  • Sheath Slippage: 0,0mm - The rope has two parts: the sheath (woven exterior) and the core (strands in the inner part). Slippage is the movement inside the sheath under the conditions established in the standard. The less slippage, the better the performance of the rope.
  • Dinamic Elongation: 33%


The fall factor is used to determine the severity of a fall while climbing. It ranges from 0 to 2, with Factor 2 being the most severe. The fall factor is the ratio between the height of the fall and the length of the rope. It will be Factor 2 when the height of the potential fall is twice the distance separating the climber from the anchor device.

Fixe by ROCA

Roca is one of the oldest rope manufacturers in the world. In operation since 1891, in 2012 it went on to form part of Fixe, for which it currently makes all the ropes in its catalogue. Fixe ropes are backed up by more than 125 years of experience in the sector. All production is done in Sant Quirze de Besora (Barcelona).

  • Weight: 46 g/m
  • Campi for Use: Mountain climbing
  • Waterproofing treatment: Without waterproofing
  • Season: 2021/2022
  • Rope type: Half Rope / Twin Rope


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corda polivalente
una corda molto bella, che vanta un rapporto qualità prezzo imbattibile.
Fanatic Nature
sembra quasi impossibile che costi così poco. Veramente ottima