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$133.48 $117.46
The CAMP Ski Raptor backpack has been redesigned thanks to the experience of many athletes who have used it in recent years.

$247.96 $188.72
Warmer and more resistant thanks to the 190 grams of first quality duck down filling (filling power 750 cuin) and the Nivix Evo Blue / orange fabric (Nylon Ripstop).

$247.96 $188.72
Warmer and more resistant thanks to the 190 grams of first quality duck down filling (filling power 750 cuin) and the Nivix Evo cobalt blue / Lime fabric (Nylon Ripstop).

$247.96 $188.72
It is the most suitable garment for situations of intense cold where the strength of the Nivix Evo fabric can make the difference.

$19.56 $17.21
Large oval carabiner, very resistant and with low weight thanks to the H-section. Due to its characteristics - wide opening, Keylock closure with 3Lock automatic ring nut for maximum safety - it is ideal for use with pulleys, descenders and ascenders.

$66.69 $49.35
Precise fit glove, excellent for mountaineering, ski touring and alpine skiing.

$104.85 $77.59
The Geko Ice Pro is an innovative glove that guarantees exceptional grip on ice axes.

$189.86 $167.08
Double wall tent, tunnel shape compact and super light.1 place, 1 entrance, poles assembling system by sleeve.Total weight: 1 kg including poles and pegs.

$219.34 $149.50
Ed Protection, lightweight, durable down jacket with external DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, resistant to different washes to maintain excellent water repellency over time. The padding is in first quality duck down (filling power 750 cuin).

$18.99 $16.71
Ear protection kit that converts the Speed Comp helmet to a full-coverage downhill ski helmet. Attaches to the helmet with a simple, secure system. Made from soft padded fabric, with insulation to protect the ears from the cold and wind.

$104.95 $92.35
The Kinetic Rewind Comp is our lightest via ferrata set, specifically designed for ski mountaineering competitions. It features our light and compact stitched shock absorber and lightweight elasticized 19 mm Rewind webbing. In compliance with safety requirements fixed by the new review of the EN 958 standard.

$85.87 $75.56
The Impulse CR is the new CAMP harness at the top of the range in the name of versatility. It takes advantage of the Smart Webbing Technology which, by guaranteeing a uniform distribution of the load over the entire belt and leg loops, offers the climber an unprecedented comfort
Showing 1 - 12 of 190 items

Passion, work and simplicity are some of the keywords that have always distinguished CAMP's way of being

CAMP, Mountaineering and Free Climbing Equipment

The passion is for the mountains and for the products that help realize the dreams and projects of all those who frequent it; the work has been handed down for over 115 years in four distinct generations who have succeeded each other at the helm of the company and simplicity is what distinguishes a way of being and relating based on seriousness and loyalty.

These ingredients allow us to respond with greater strength and effectiveness to the needs of today's market which requires innovation, new proposals and solutions, imagination and reliability, safety and fun.

The mission of CAMP then becomes that of conceiving, designing and developing innovative technical solutions that can improve the safety, performance and effectiveness of products intended for the most demanding consumers in the outdoor and industrial markets.

All this passes through the culture of innovation that is rooted in the CAMP heart since the beginning of its activity, and we can recall as an example the first ice ax with a metal handle, the first crampon with a rigid structure, the first modular ice ax , the lightest carabiner with its 33 grams. All thanks to a constant presence on the ground that today is supported more than ever by an organization that invests predominantly in research and development components, assisted by a team of top level testimonials and technical advisors such as Tomaz Humar, Simone Moro , Denis Urubko, Valerio Folco, Cristian Brenna just to name a few.

Today (2006) already more than 10% of CAMP workforce works in the R&D division but the goal is to reach 20% in the near future.
The organization of the structure now allows the products to be exported to 60 countries around the world, two of which (France and USA) managed directly with dedicated structures. The distribution network is adequately supported by a logistics structured on several poles that allows differentiated deliveries in a few hours to any city in the world.

The approach with customers is increasingly seen from a partnership perspective where collaboration does not stop at a mere commercial relationship but presupposes a reciproca trust and involvement on the basic needs of the customer and the solutions that the company can to propose.