Quickdraw for modern alpinism and free climbing of all brands

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$9.64 $6.60
Composed of two super resistant Ergo Viola connectors, particularly appreciated for their easy handling, the dimensions that facilitate their use and the Keylock system.

$3.62 $3.07
Extremely light and durable 10 mm Dyneema quickdraw sling.

$15.99 $14.39
Fixe Orion V2, high level quickdraws for sport climbing made up of an Orion carabiner with a curved lever on the rope side and Orion carabiner with a straight lever on the anchor side. With ergonomic nylon webbing.

$18.80 $15.41
Intended for mountaineering and the situations in which every gram counts, the ANGE FINESSE quickdraw is ultra-light, compact and resistant that guarantees maximum performance in every situation.

$2.41 $2.05
Robust and durable 16 mm polyamide quickdraw sling.Available lengths: 12 cm, 17 cm e 22 cm.Strength: 25 kN.

$23.15 $19.67
A compact, ultra light (only 68 g) and versatile quickdraw intended both for trad and sport climbing. Conceived to make sure the rope runs correctly over roofs, aretes, on traverses or simply to ensure spacing from the rock. Can be used as a 60 cm long quickdraw or quickly converted to 30 cm length. Consists of two FLY-WEIGHT EVO karabiners and a 60 cm...

The Shadow quickdraw is a classic for sport climbing, robust, light and easy to use.

$20.09 $18.08
The Nineteen G Set is the lightest quickdraw on the market. Ideal for mountaineering or routes where every gram counts.

$15.35 $13.05
Top-of-the-line reference for high-level sport climbing, equipped with Photon carabiner with straight lever for anchors and with Dyon carabiner for the rope.

$19.29 $16.39
Ultra-light and compact quickdraws, only 56 g in the 12 cm version! Ideal for multi-pitch route and multi-pitch sport climb, where weight makes a difference. Equipped with extremely compact sized hotforged Fly-Weight carabiners with wire gate for easy rope insertion. 

$16.80 $14.28
The Alpine Plume Captive quickdraw by Grivel is very light designed for mountaineering, with the innovative Captive anti-rotation system.

$19.09 $16.22
The Dyon, characterized by the innovative closure with KeyWire wire lever and SphereLock nose.
Showing 13 - 24 of 88 items