Quickdraw for modern alpinism and free climbing of all brands

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$20.57 $17.49
Extremely robust, ergonomic and lightweight, ideal for climbing onsight. Upper carabiner with the new best-grip gate and catch-free closure; lower carabiner with a hot forged ergonomic gate and catch-free closure for easy rope insertion/removal.

$16.03 $14.43
Extremely ultralight long quickdraw for use in alpine climbing. Composed by Light-weight Kestrel carabiners with wire gate and 8 mm light Dyneema webbing with high durabilitity; lenght: 60 cm

$56.22 $50.60
Suitable especially for multipitch climbing and alpine conditions

$106.08 $54.10
Lime M SET, classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio and mixed and versatile composition, ideal for exposed climbing.
Showing 85 - 88 of 88 items